THE HELLENIUM PROJECT AI enabled automations as a service

A services provision model that rebalances perfectly
business objectives and customer needs



Blockchain technology and AI will allow us to radically transform the cost of existing service provision models the same way Amazon did for products.

Advances in Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management and Process Outsourcing models allows the creation of PaaS schemes that rebalance business objectives and customer needs offering both groups unparalleled financial and social rewards.

The new reality

How the Hellenium will reduce the cost of service provision.

Roadebit™ first group of services that utilize The Hellenium platform

Roadebit™ will change Motor Insurance as we know it for ever

Imagine the moment that you will stop worrying which vehicle you are driving or to whom this belongs to, if it is a rental or shared, if it is a bicycle, a moped, a car or a van. No more paperwork, certificates or receipts to carry around, no more need to lie to your insurer about your age or the mileage per year. You will be able to choose how much you will pay for insurance, if you will pay by the hour or the day, or use any other periodicity - even a flexible one based on your available funds, what type of insurance package to activate depending on the location you are. Why not to pay your Road Tax to the State ONLY when you drive or based on where you drive?

You will even have the option to allow Roadebit™ AIs to decide things for you and even define who can access your data or not and in which occasion.

There will be no limits to the controls you will be able to apply to the system. YOU WILL BE AT LONG LAST IN CONTROL…and the best of them all you will start enjoying driving once again.

Roadebit™ has the power to change the institution of parking

Imagine for a moment driving in the centre of a town abroad, in a country the language of which you do not speak, and you need to park. How delightful would it be if your mobile was advising you if it is actually a free zone or not, if you can park there and for how long, how much it will cost you per minute, what is the probability of your car being mugged, vandalised or towed?

Imagine towns without markings, pavements without parking machines and parking signs. Imagine an end to searching for coins, what cards are accepted or not, forget “pay and display”, lost car park tokens, tickets that do not activate the exit barriers. Stop searching for a corner shop to buy a “pay-and-display” ticket or call a number for make a mobile payment, imagine your parking “virtual ticket” to never run out of minutes.

There is more…Imagine THE END OF PARKING FINES. Under the Roadebit™ process, the user will never be fined, but instead, he will lose part of his discounting privileges. Imagine yourself BECOMING THE JURY AND THE JUDGE of your actions.

There is no end to what Roadebit™ can do to parking. One is for sure. IT WILL BE CHEAPER.

Open roads and cheap tolls to be soon a reality thanks to Roadebit™

Your travelling short list has just become smaller. Open roads will become at last a reality, there will be no stopping to pay for tolls, no need to search for a petrol station to buy a road use sticker if you travel abroad or to carry any foreign currency.

Forget attached on your windscreen different signal transmitters for every country or risk fines.

Equally easy it will be to enter the centre of any city without any second thought. No need to remember to pre-pay or if you paid.

Depending on the technology, electronic toll collection can cost anything between 11.3 and 41.3 of the operators’ revenues

Roadebit™ is a world apart from any other toll collection and congestion zones control systems. It SIMPLY COST NOTHING, to the operators and it offers the pure OPEN ROAD advantages. ALL THESE SAVINGS CAN EASILY PASS TO THE TRAVELLERS.

Commuters will be ecstatic with Roadebit™

Today’s ticketing systems were inspired by institutionalised ideas of the past. But do we really need a “ticket” when we have geolocation and accelerometers and ...all other sensors on our mobiles to define our presence in space and time?

Roadebit™ can achieve exactly that. To monitor one’s space-time occupation within a mass transport system and debit his/hers e-wallet according to his actual use/occupation of the medium?

You will enter the train, the bus or the underground and you will exit it. No sensors, no barriers, no ticket machines, no Oyster cards… nothing. Forget automation mapped on 19th century processes. Let us allow the 21st century technology to do what it meant to be doing.

What justifies one to be charged the same ticket when he/she travel 2 km and the same when 15?

Why not all the savings from the new ticketless mediums to pass directly to the commuters?

Whoever do not fancy a 30% discount on ticket prices let raise his hand.