THE HELLENIUM PROJECT AI enabled automations as a service


$ 1.000.000 BOUNTY from the Hellenium Project

The strength and commitment of our community will warranty the success of the Hellenium Project.

We designed the first sets of services like; Roadebit TM, Liquid Debt TM or Dispensionate TM that will be deployed in the Hellenium platform, based on market research and social need trends. Our emphasis was placed on the degree of positive social impact each one can introduce. But ultimately it will be our community that will define our long term strategy. We believe in the wisdom of the crowd.

Our approach in regards to mining and rewards was designed to be community-centric and the same theme will continue with our bounty offering which we want to become the seeds of a long term collaboration.

There are four distinct differences in our thinking compared to similar incentive schemes introduced by other teams.

For these reasons our bounty will be intrinsically connected to long term benefits. We assigned 0.25% of coins/shares as the immediate rewards but the majority of the bounty will be expressed in long term benefits realised through a point system. That said we do not think that utilising people’s expertise short term is not beneficial.

All in all, we believe that sharing 375.000 tokens worth 0.01 ETH each is a substantial bounty to attract everyone’s attention.  

For businesses, these long term benefits will contain incentives in acquiring business shares in discounted prices below those of the normal investors and long term discounts in platform usage and transaction charges.

For individuals, the long term benefits will include VIP discounts of all sets of services that will be deployed in the platform (we will subsidise their e-wallets) and priority into joining our teams around the globe as we expand compared to equally qualified individuals to become an integral part of The Hellenium Project.

More specifically

For Businesses, Organisations and Institutions that will publically declare, after invitation or by their own initiative, their intention to trial any of the initial services that will be deployed in the Hellenium Platform, namely, motor insurance, mass transport ticketing, toll and congestion zone payments, on and off the road parking or road tax collection we will offer:

For VCs that will declare publically their intention to support us we will offer:

For individual investors

As we said our emphasis is on creating a loyal community attuned to our vision of reducing the cost of services across all industries and benefit economies and consumers in the process. For this to happen a clear understanding of what we are proposing is more important than any “like” or just the shallow “declaration” of support. For that reason contextual quality and collaboration will be rewarded higher than anything else. Consequently, assuming that every HLN contain 100 lepta;

we will offer 200 lepta per 300 followers multiplied by 1,0x where x= 100 words above 500 capped at 2500 lepta. Example for a blog with 2000 followers and an article 800 words we will assign 1400*1.03 lepta or ~ 14.5 HLN. In addition 250 EPs will be offered for each blog.

Finally please forward all your questions to our Telegram address