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a currency fueled by the extraordinary ability of AI to replace costly hardware- based automations

Hellenium is in the heart of an operation that is altering the rules of the game by allowing the coexistence of consumers’ wishes and business selfish objectives. In an endless process consumer community’s needs are constantly mapped and subsequently funnelled through a technological process. The end result are new business-agnostic operating and service provision modules that are managed by AI (and smart contracts) replacing costly manual labour and expensive hardware based automations. These models that have no (or a minimal) cost to be introduced and be integrated to any business through APIs, will be offered through partnerships in PaaS deals with the Community as a Customer (CaaC) as it added bonus. Hellenium is attempting to do for services what Amazon did for products. Businesses will have to accept two simple conditions to enjoy these benefits. The use of Hellenium as the exchange medium and the promise (through a smart contract) that the economies of scale they will achieve will result in reduced prices for the consumers.

The expected mixture between usage, utility and supply and demand is expected to result Hellenium prices following an exponential growth curve.

About Hellenium


What should you expect in return of your investment? These fall into 3 categories namely, financial, personal and social.

Monetary rewards will derive from:

  • Owning part of the Hellenium platform and the company that will be created to manage the Hellenium Foundation. We promise you that the benefits will not be limited to just paying you dividends year on year.
  • The increased value of Hellenium. With usage, utility and hopefully public and media perception on the green as a given, with every new user that will be added the Hellenium price will rise. All you will have to do is keep expanding the utility of your e-wallet and store everything even your salary in Helleniums. The more you do the bigger the end result will be. Hellenium price increase will then be a given and with it the return to your investment. We love the idea of every “penny” left unspent from your salary into your e-wallet to worth more at the end of the month. That is a constant salary increase by default.
  • The strategic investments we intent to do. Every transaction that happen within the Hellenium network a small fee per transaction will be added to the value of the HLN. We will use it to buy back HLNs in order to increase its scarcity and consequently its value. This is on top of any commissions we may make a part of which may be invested in a similar manner. Assuming we achieve our target in year 5 and reach the 400 ml transactions per day…. You do the maths.

Personal rewards will be deriving from:

  • Reduced pricing across the whole spectrum of solutions we will offer. Provided you live in a country where these services will be deployed you may end up saving up to € 3000 per year or on the average family level up to € 7500 per year.
  • A membership in a global mutual interests sharing open community with privileges expanding beyond any citizenship “rights” you currently enjoy.

Finally on a social level you will be able to:

  • Help us to change the insurance, mass transport and parking industries for ever. More will follow soon. We promise you it is a lovely feeling. Ask those that invested in Apple in early days how they feel today.
  • Help reducing driving and commuting cost for all for ever, yourself included. How much to you pay for car insurance or commuting per year? How about paying half?
  • Enjoy a membership to a movement capable of rationalising human needs and bring enterprises, organisations and institutions at the same level of power with the consumers that constitute the society, the needs of which they were created to serve. A movement capable of stopping the exploitation of our weaknesses as consumers from our impulse purchases to the culturally and media imposed “must have” needs the marketers are so capably creating for us.

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